2023 3d New England South Camp KO


Registration will go through Kingswood Oxford. Here is the link to the website page with the program description: https://www.kingswoodoxford.org/camp-ko/sports-camps/

Registration link: https://campko.campbrainregistration.com/

3d NE South and Kingswood Oxford are joining forces for the second year in a row to offer a first-class lacrosse camp. Our morning boys’ lacrosse week is designed to teach basic fundamentals of the game while also allowing players of all skill levels the opportunity to grow and develop as athletes. Players can train hard during the cooler morning hours on Kingswood Oxford’s beautiful turf field.

Each day, we will focus on different concepts so that we can build our skill levels properly. Our main focus on a daily basis will be stickwork: Learning how to win ground balls, catch, & pass technically sound will allow young players to help reach their personal potential in a more efficient manner. Building off of stickwork, we will add in dodging, shooting, and footwork on both the offensive and defensive end. We will work our way up from small group competitions to full-field scrimmages where players can try to incorporate the lessons they have learned from the prior days. Our goal is provide players of all abilities a positive experience, while improving their skills and encouraging the value and importance of teamwork and sportsmanship.

Equipment - helmet, mouthguard, stick, pinnie, gloves, arm pads, shoulder pads, cleats/athletic sneakers, and a jockstrap/cup.

Who: Boys (2027-2032)
When: July 31 - Aug 3
Time: 8:30 am - 12:00 pm
Where: Kingswood Oxford School Turf
170 Kingswood Rd. West Hartford, CT 06119